Event title:

Speech: “The Legal Essence of China”


Groot-Auditorium of Leiden University, The Netherlands
Rapenburg 73, 2311 Leiden

Date & Time:

Saturday, 24 October 2009, 15:00h

What will be covered?

Origin and development of China’s legal system


- Where are the big differences between the Chinese and the Western legal systems? Can Western rules of law and democracy work in China?

Who should attend?

Alumni of Leiden University who were freshmen in 1959


The workshop will be held in the Dutch language.


Jan van der Putten

About the Speaker(s):

Jan van der Putten, founder of Eyes on China is specialized in Asian business systems and in particular in China's business systems. Having 12 years experience in doing business in China and a proficiency in multiple languages, he is often interviewed by media to discuss the foreign direct investment environment in different regions of China.

Entrance fee:

Part of a whole day program, ca. € 120.00