2 February 2010

New regulations concerning Representative Offices in China

On January 20 2010 the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) released new registration regulations concerning Representative Offices in China. These regulations will affect foreign investors with plans to set up Representative Offices in China as well as to those with Representative Offices already established.
For your information we have listed the new regulations issued by SAIC:

- The parent company must be in existence for two years.
- Besides the incorporation certificate, a bank reference letter also will need to be notarized and legalized.
- The registration certificate for an RO is now only valid for one year rather than three years; all existing ROs will have a one-year valid registration license when they renew their current registration certificate.
- Every year when an RO renews its license, a notarized and legalized incorporation certificate of the parent company will need to be provided.
- Foreign representatives of an RO, including the chief representative, cannot exceed four; for existing ROs with more than four foreign representatives (including a chief representative), the SAIC will not require the RO to decrease their number of representatives but will not approve any additional foreign representatives.
- The local branch of the Administration of Industry and Commerce will verify all the information of the RO including its registered address within three months after the RO obtains its registration certificate.

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