23 October 2009

Company chairman, Jan van der Putten’s new publication

Dr. Jan van der Putten, Eyes of China’s Chairman, just had his new book showcased to the world market at the recent Annual Frankfurt Book Fair last October 13-18. Entitled “The Discovery of China”, this attractive book is full of stories and beautiful art and photo material, helping the readers to open their minds to China and to their Chinese contemporaries.
The book was received with much warm praise by various publishers, and has in fact, already garnered offers to have it published and translated to several languages, among which include English, French, Indonesian, and Chinese. The book is aimed towards the youth and adults alike. It will be available on the market in its original Dutch edition in December 2009 and later in 2010 for editions in other languages.
For those interested in receiving more information about the book please contact the publisher Tuttibooks.