9 June 2009

Eyes on China MD interviewed about future launch of Green in China

On June 9th 2009, the popular radio show City Beyond on the English service of China Radio International (CRI) invited guest speakers from several influential organisations to discuss matters concerning corporate social responsibility, corporate governance and foreign direct investment.
The Managing Director at Eyes on China, Marco van der Putten, featured on the show and highlighted matters on CSR, particularly environmental aspects. The discussion centered on the establishment of a new organisation called Green in China Technology Inititative (GCTI) which at the moment of its inception will be the first hundred percent green in-bound technology transfer organization in the People’s Republic of China focusing on the chemical industry, the biggest polluting industry in China.
More specifically, Mr van der Putten shed light on the entry criteria to become clients and partners of the initiative as well as on the crucial issue of respecting the rules regarding emissions and upholding standards. GCTI will employ a quantified set of criteria required for accession. Furthermore, at the member site, mid-level office managers and chemical engineers will focus on implementing the rules and regulations in order to ensure that organisations become accustomed to these and to warrant consistency.
GCTI will officially be launched in 2010 and Eyes on China will act as direct administrative body. As a partnership between Hodaya International, Eyes on China and Eyes on China's academic institute, the Institute of Chinese Studies in Beijing, the goal of GCTI is to be internationally recognized as the most prominent green technology exchange organization in China having both strong legal, chemical and academic support from both the partner and member companies.
Eyes on China is deeply committed to this cause and is eager to create awareness in China about pollution to the environment.

Visit the website of GCTI: