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Date Title Main Topic(s)
  China, wereldmacht van een andere soort / De Industrieele Groote Club, Amsterdam Presentation
09 Oct 2012 China's foreign policy Presentation at the Nederlands Genootschap voor Internationale Zaken, The Hague
06 Oct 2012 China 1977 and later China Presentation at the 1977 Erasmus University Alumni reunion, China 35 years on, Rotterdam,
27 Sept 2012 Conference 'Trained by the Dragon' Participation to seminar "What can Dutch entrepreneurs learn from the Chinese counterparts?"
11 Spet 2012 Perspectives for International Business Economics Lecture to graduated students at Hogeshool van Amsterdam
15 Jun 2012 Chinese culture and business culture Presentation given to HAN students, Arnhem, The Netherlands
25 May 2012   Serie of Lecture 3/3 about Chinese economic and political system held at the 'School voor Journalistiek', Utrecht
02 May 2012   Serie of Lecture 2/3 about Chinese economic and political system held at the 'School voor Journalistiek', Utrecht
13 Apr 2012   Serie of Lecture 1/3 about Chinese economic and political system held at the 'School voor Journalistiek', Utrecht
02 Apr 2012 Lecture and workshops at the Sino-Dutch Top Talent seminar Head of the Sino-Dutch Top Talent seminar held at Leiden University
26 Mar 2012 China and The Netherlands: cultural differences Saxion University, Deventer
21 Mar 2012 The dragon and the world Provinciehuis, Den Bosch
21 Mar 2012 China influence in Africa SIB, Leiden, The Netherlands
12 Mar 2012 China and Africa Studium Generale, TU, Delft, The Netherldands
08 Mar 2012 China now and later (in Dutch) VNT, Eemnes
07 Mar 2012 Innnovation in China: some critical notes Lecture given at Erasmus University, Rotterdam
02 Mar 2012 Latin America: from Allende to Hu Jintao University college lecture to CEDLA, Amsterdam
25 Jan 2012 Economy and Innovation in China Lecture given to Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. , Drachten, The Netherlands
18 Jan 2012 Worldpower China in the year of the dragon Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, Amsterdam
03 Nov 2011 Actuality, history and culture of China Presentation Bellingwolde, The Netherlands
01 Nov 2011 The New China Presentation given at Golfgroep, Amsterdam
31 Oct 2011 China accounting expat training Host insitution: Koninglijke Instituut voor de Tropen / Amsterdam (Center of knowledge and expertise in the areas of international and intercultural cooperation)
27 Oct 2011 China in Africa: the future of development aid? Host institution: Cordaid, Hivos, and SNS, The Hague
03 Oct 2011 The role of China in Africa Lecture for the International Relations Association of Groningen University
27 Sept 2011 China as a world power and regional player Lecture for the HDV program course (Hogere Defensievorming), The Hague, The Netherlands
16 Jun 2011 Another kind of world power Presentation given to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague
24 May 2011 Astonishing China Presentation of Jan van der Putten's new publiscation 'Verbijisterend China: wereldmacht van een andere soort' / Harlem, The Netherlands
14 Apr 2011 China, past and future of a world power Lecture given to the Innerwheel Club Rijssen, Rijssen Holten
07 Apr 2011 Restructuring of the Chinese economy Presentation given to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation
01 Apr 2011 China's role on the international stage Presentation for the Center for International Conflict- Anlalysis & Management (CICAM), Radboud University, The Netherlands
31 Mar 2011 A World Power, with its own rules Lecture given to the participants of the course organized by The Netherlands Institute of Defense
18 Mar 2011 Paying, Lending and Saving in China Three guest lectures during the multicultural day organized at the Florijn College's Technical Economic University
15 Mar 2011 World power China: the social side Presentation about China's migrants and its social and economic implications at University of Amsterdam's Machiavelli Association
18 Nov 2010 Will China remain straight ahead in the world stage? Lecture day for the Koninglijke Instituut voor de Tropen / Amsterdam (Center of knowledge and expertise in the areas of international and intercultural cooperation)
08 Nov 2010 An open minded view on China / Hong Kong Speech for the Board of Directors and Board fo Supervisors of APG Asset Management / Hong Kong
14 Oct 2010 The coming back of a world power Presentation at the China symposium 'Beyong the Chinese Wall organized by Tilburg University's Study Association
28 Sept 2010 China's economic future Speech for the investment committee of APG Asset Management / Hong Kong
23 Jun 2010 The Chinese economy Lecture at "The New Manager" series held at De Baak
24 Mar 2010 China's past and present China day lecture about China's present in historical perspective
15 Mar 2010 Seminar: 'Economic superpower?' China's future financial and economic scenarios
02 Nov 2009 Lecture: 'Resolving commercial and economic disputes' Protecting your company when doing business in China
24 Oct 2009 Speech: 'The legal essence of China' Origin and development of China's legal system
18 Oct 2009 Speech: 'China marching towards new era' Economic and financial developments in China
29 Sep 2009 Workshop 'China for beginners' Chinese Law for dummies
28 Sep 2009 Workshop 'China quo vadis?' II China's present situation and future of its global role
12 Aug 2009 Forum: 'Sino-US financial, economic relations' Development of Sino-Americal financial relations
7 April 2009 Workshop 'China quo vadis?' I China's present situation and future of its global role
19 Mar 2009 Seminar 'Bottlenecks in doing business in China' The bottlenecks and risks in doing business in China
15 Mar 2009 Presentation 'China now' The rise of China, the crisis and its challenges
11 Mar 2009 Speech '30 years of economic reform in China' Reforms, crisis, what can we learn from China?
17 Feb 2009 Speed networking event Legal Business networking
13 Feb 2009 Master class 'The Chinese Renaissance' China´s economic and political clout
10 Feb 2009 Presentation 'China yesterday, today, tomorrow' China's present and future in the light of the past


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