Financial Services

Eyes on China's financial services department delivers financial and accounting services. Our accountants and finance specialists provide financial support to your business performing a monthly or quarterly review on the ledgers, financial statements, compliance to various laws and regulations. Our finance management advisory team delivers cost-effective solutions to your tax and finance needs.

Bookkeeping, General Accountancy and Tax Services

We perform bookkeeping, accounting and tax filing services according to Chinese practices using international accounting standards. All financial statements are delivered in English or Chinese.

Monthly Bookkeeping
Revenue, Expense Accruals
Account Reconciliations
Tax Accounting
Tax Fillings
Tax Returns

For part-time accounting services for WFOEs in China, click here.
For part-time accounting services for Representative Offices in China, click here.
For accounting services of Hong Kong Companies, click here.

Payroll Processing Services

We make sure that your staff is paid correctly and on time. Our Payroll Processing Services handle tax reporting, wage calculations, direct deposits, and delivery of checks or stubs

Financial Report and Statements Services

Estimate your company's financial strength, performance and changes in financial position. Our professional accounts deliver Financial Reports and Statements according to all Chinese laws and regulations, in Chinese or English for the Chinese authorities

Inventory Accounting Services

The reasons that companies outsource their accounting requirements are: cost reduction, regulatory compliance, industry consolidation, reduction of environment complexity, and access to new technology and management processes. Our Inventory Accounting Services offer maintenance of inventory records, Stock Accounting, cost estimation and variance analysis performance.

Auditing Services

We discuss on your behalf with local tax authorities to handle a tax audit or business audit by other government bodies, or any issue that may arise during the course of your business operation. Our Auditing Services include internal, concurrent, management, operations and efficiency audit services

Fixed Assets Management Services

We conduct effective wall-to-wall fixed asset inventory and reconciliation (FAIR), which is the definitive best practice for validating data quality for fixed asset management.

Intangible Assets Management Services

In our knowledge-based economy, intangible assets such as brands, intellectual property and licenses comprise a greater percentage of the economic value of successful businesses than ever before. Identifying intangible assets of your company is important for measuring performance, taxation purposes, assessing the company's true worth, assessing borrowing capacity.

Financial Due Diligence

Working with a Chinese partner can mean a lot for the success of your business. You will be able to access local market expertise, well-established sales channels, local brand names, local finance, support from local governments. It is important therefore to first check the credentials of your local partner, background of local management, and the fairness of his financial statements. Based on local laws, regulations and accounting practices our Financial Due Diligence enables you to find out about all critical issues in detail.