Legal Advisory Services

Document Checking

Our senior lawyers are here to secure your best interest in the most practical and cost-effective way. We investigate the legal validity of your agreements with your client or partner. To succeed in your business dealings, it is important to conduct document checking. Besides checking the validity of the contract and agreement according to the Chinese law and regulations, our other document checking services include:

  • Contracts and Agreements Review
  • OEM and Outsourcing Agreements
  • Our Compentences:

  • Foreign Investment Law
  • Company Law
  • Labour Law
  • Industrial and Intellectual Property
  • Solving Legal Deadlocks

    In a legal deadlock, shareholders are engaged in an irreconcilable conflict, where neither shareholder has a majority (usually each holding 50% of the shares in a company), and a dispute arises over the management of the business. In order to resolve such situations, a procedure or deadlock clause can be set out in the shareholders agreement. There are a number of approaches that can be adopted, according to the status of the agreement.
    To know which kind of approach suits your situation best, feel free to send an e-mail to one of our advisors for a free consultation.

    Pre-Litigation Mediation

    Pre-litigation mediation is an alternative type of dispute resolution. Together with negotiating, it is one of the main fields of activities in consultancy and pre-litigation advisory firms.
    Using independent methods for resolving disputes outside tribunals, Eyes on China lawyers, paralegals and Chinese-trained mediators assist our clients in reaching a consensus through mediation and conciliation, by employing deep cultural understanding of both parties’ business cultures and values.
    For China Company Formation, see our Business Establishment Services.