Dissolution Services

If you have to dissolute, cancel or withdraw your legal entity it is important to do so properly according to the Chinese rules. Dissolving a business entity can have a variety of reasons: a business entity is no longer needed, has completed its business dealings, has completed its job, or even it was never used for anything. Eyes on China takes care of the entire dissolving process in consistency with Chinese laws and regulations.

We offer complete corporate Dissolution Services for all legal entities in China. Companies may be deregistered when shareholders decide to terminate the company, in case of difficult business operation or in instances of financial crisis. The process usually takes between 30 and 90 days depending on the current status of the corporation.

In China, the procedure for company deregistration is rather complicated, particularly in face of mainland customs and tax departments. Eyes on China is familiar with every sphere of company deregistration and can successfully assist with completing the procedure of deregistration. By virtue of our experience in processing company deregistration in various industries, the client will be freed from many inconveniences.

All documents will be delivered to you upon completion of dissolution. Please note that the corporation must file all applicable annual reports and tax returns before Eyes on China can proceed with the dissolution process.

In order to proceed with dissolution, Eyes on China requires:


First, we engage our Certified Public Accountants to audit the company’s accounts. Then a liquidation group is formed. The liquidation group issues a notice and announcement of application for creditors' rights. Then the tax clearance procedure is initiated. The recognition by relevant governmental departments follows. Finally the distribution of properties is made.

The distribution of properties consists of the following sequence:

payment of liquidating costs - payment of employee wages - social insurance cost - full payment of tax - liquidation of debt - distribution to shareholders.

After completing the liquidation of the company, the liquidating group prepares a liquidation report. After confirmation by a meeting of shareholders or by a Chinese Court, this report will be presented to the Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Administration of Taxation, in application for deregistration.


Among others our services include: